I am a person who believes in the exactness and precision of science and how it serves to explain nature. For that reason, I take it very seriously.

Is it true that science cannot answer every question posed? Yes, but then maybe it doesn’t intend to. Science is an approach whereby we, as humans, look at ourselves and our entire world without biasness or reproach. Only this way can we fully evaluate and appreciate the evidence needed to answer those questions, which is a process that usually brings forth more questions than actually providing a “true” or false” to any mystery. It doesn’t necessarily serve to solve riddles or offer “facts” as much as providing a means of studying ourselves and our world with ongoing regularity.

Still, there are many questions that science cannot answer, such as the meaning of life. This doozy of a conundrum really has no right or wrong answer; each person has her/his own search for personal meaning, and that’s, perhaps, how it should be. Every single person is different than any other, and so profound considerations on a personal level are way beyond that of scientific study.

In the end, science is a part of us all, but it is also a tool to measure what it is geared to study, and, as anything else, it has its limitations. That is why we must rely on it, but not to the exclusion to other aspects of life.

Real science contributes along with everything else–spirituality, nature, society, even art and the humanities–to construct an ever-growing puzzle of existence and probability, of possibility, without necessarily causing conflict. Because of this, we must hold dear the precepts of science and not let it be corrupted in any way. If we fail science, we fail ourselves. That goes for the other aspects of life as well.

These are merely my musings, but they are by no means the extent of my thoughts on the subject. Feel free to contribute, whether you agree or disagree. Your comments are always welcome.